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Island Update – N. Whidbey Condos

98277 CONDOMINIUMS North Whidbey DATE ACTIVE PENDING SOLD Avg Absorp SOLD (180 Days) SOLD TOT New % Resale % REO % Corp % SS SS TOT REO SS 12 mth per mth Rate TOT REO SS 30 Day 08/11/12 27 0 0% 19 70% 0 0% 0 0% 8 30% 80 7 24 318 26.50 […]

Island Update

North Whidbey Island (MLS Area 813) 98277 Single Family Residence North Whidbey DATE ACTIVE New % Resale % REO % Corp % SHORT PENDING PENDING PENDING SOLD Avg Sold Absorption SOLD SOLD SALE REO SS 12 months per month Rate 180 DAYS REO Short Sale 30 DAYS 6/29/2012 218 24 11% 187 85.78% 5 2.29% […]

Financing Challenges

I’ve been recently involved in several transactions with buyers electing to work with loan officers (lenders) from out of the local area.  Unfortunately, all these transactions (my listings and buyers represented by other brokers) resulted in multiple closing date extensions.  Although these loan officers seem very sweet and friendly, one can’t get a feeling that […]

Welcome WhidbeyFidalgoProperties

Hello,  Welcome to my Zillow powered website which is a supplement to my Real Estate website   Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island are connected by the Deception Pass Bridge on the northern tip of Whidbey Island.   This website will be providing more information on both islands.  The homes shown on this website […]

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